In our last post, we discussed brand positioning and brand taglines. 

Now we offer insights on developing your brand narrative. Think of it as the story you want told in the marketplace. Every person, product, image, internal communication, media interviewany form of communicationmust provide consistent brand messaging to shape your brand story.   

Brand Narrative Primer

This narrative is our brand story. It is the story we personify in all we do, say and show. Across corporate communications, marketing, sales, and customer service, this is our story. It differentiates us. It’s driven by actions that ensure every brand experience is consistent. Our brand story should reflect all of the elements within our eBook that you can download here.

What’s The Value Of A Brand Narrative?

  • Portrays clearly what business is about and consistency in our story
  • Provides inspiration, optimism to all
  • Rallies belief in who we are
  • Elevates and illustrates importance of delivering on brand promise everywhere

With your brand architecture developed (using the concepts discussed in this series of blog posts, and entirely in our eBook that you can download at the end of the post), you have a foundation to develop your marketing and communications strategies to bring your brand to market internally and externally.

What is the value of a brand

Activating Your Brand

Marketing Road Map Primer

A brand establishes the foundation for all we do. This includes, yes, a logo!! It is part of an overarching brand identity, which includes color schemes and usage guidelines to ensure consistent presentation.

Once activated, you get a sense from the diagram below how your brand centers all you do. Therefore, it better reflect all you are and all you aspire to be.

brand reside at intersection of paid media, earned media, shared media and owned media efforts

Closing Thoughts

The brand instructs the creative elements and marketing materials and platforms. Your marketing road map, however, determines the path to bring your brand to key audiences who are crucial to your success.

Without a solid roadmap, your marketing efforts likely would unfold in many directions. Unchecked, you risk diluting your efforts, overspending and not tying your efforts to measurable ROI.

To protect against this, we must agree on the highest value actions, establish timeframes for completion and define measures. Developing a marketing road map is great fodder for a future eBook. For now, you have enough to start developing your brand. It’s your guide to every decision, action and communication.

What’s Up Next?

You can easily download our eBook entirely by clicking the link below. Then you will have some basic brand principles to shape discussions and thinking around personal brands, product brands, service brands, corporate brands and much more. Enjoy the storytelling journey!

[This post is an excerpt from our new eBook: Branding: Much More Than A Logo. It’s Your Northstar! Download here. Prefer podcast? Click here.]

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Branding: More Than A Logo. It's Your Northstar!

Karl Robe

Karl Robe

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