We are launching a new segment on our blog: “What’s Working, What’s Not.” The purpose of this segment will provide a means for a quick round-up of current events impacting brands, public relations and executive communications.

Optics matter. The NFL is enduring consecutive weeks of public relations snafus, brand damage and executive miscalculation. A photo (below) of Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice this week shows him looking like a gang-banger at a high school football game. In part, this type of visual identity plays into his individual brand. It works when things are less tumultuous.

Ray Rice, Gang-Banger With A Family?

When in crisis, however, with viral video of the NFL running back punching his girlfriend in an elevator, Ray Rice would do well to present himself in a way that does not contribute to the current narrative of violence. More like this photo (below) with now-wife and family.

Ray Rice, Family Man.

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