There are businesses yet to experience an employee infected by COVID-19. Our agency principal recently met with a construction contractor, with hundreds of staff, facing its first positive coronavirus case.

“With troves of misinformation circulating, it’s difficult for company leaders to keep teams safe, much less feeling safe,” Karl Robe, APR said. “Misinformation leads to confusion. Confusion leads to fear. Fear leads to chaos.”

Leadership Tips

Here are three starter insights to becoming your organization’s most credible source of information. The fight to win over hearts and minds never ends.

  • Commit to regular updates and transparency about business operations. Providing consistent, credible information equips staff with information to use in conversations with various stakeholders. Your messages then enjoy a multiplier effect.
  • Establish a feedback mechanism. Listen and learn about concerns within your team, so you can address issues in real-time before rumors take hold. Realize that many remain silent, but absorb and share what you say and do.
  • Understand leaders at the top of an organization set the tone, attitude and path to achieve objectives. By way of your title, you’re viewed as an authority. But your reputation and actions will get people to follow you.