Crisis Manager featured crisis counsel by Karl James & Company in the following excerpt. We are proud Jonathan Bernstein, editor of Crisis Manager, found value in our strategies and messaging. It’s always rewarding to share insight that can help others deal with online attacks and reputational crises.

Karl James & Company: Dealing with problem stakeholders on social media

[Editor’s note: The following is a great example of real-life crisis management methods used by PR pro Karl Robe to cope with an unrelenting upset customer that took her complaints to social media and beyond.]

A national retailer client of Karl James & Company faced relentless online criticism from a consumer with a record of shaking down businesses on social media. The consumer turned to Facebook with baseless claims to secure compensation. All attempts to resolve the issue were ineffective. Anything short of meeting outrageous monetary demands was rejected by the disgruntled consumer.

Follow this link to some of the public relations counsel Karl James & Company offered this particular client as well as some sample messages used to counteract the online attacks.

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