GS Global Resources hired Karl James & Company to unify a once-confusing patchwork of business-to-business companies under a single brand. Founded four decades ago, the newly named and branded GS Global Resources now has a distinct value proposition that guides employees in their individual roles and a brand position that serves as a driving force for every action taken by GSGR.

Karl James & Company started by answering the question: “How do you create a compelling story that differentiates a system integrator in the minds of OEMs?”

Executive Strategy Session Guides Brand Research

Karl James & Company’s brand architects and market researchers worked with GSGR executives to set the course for the next 40 years. Executive strategy sessions created the foundation and agreement on company direction. Collaborative processes directed the next phase of our research to determine the strongest brand position for GSGR among decision makers.

Customer Workshops Inform Brand, Business Direction

Karl James & Company assembled a powerful mix of R&D, engineering and executive management from an array of industries to learn and explore forward-thinking possibilities. This eclectic mix of talent and experience from non-competing industries created a winning scenario for participants and GSGR. Specifically, Karl James & Company facilitated two focus groups in two states with customers and other industry leaders. Participants learned how other industries are adapting and evolving. GSGR gained valuable insights into the future of control designs and functionality from customers’ perspectives, which informed the future direction for GSGR and its brand.

Brand development included a story that matched a new go-to-market strategy discovered during the focus groups. A new logo and tagline created a visual representation of the newly named GS Global Resources.

Brand rollout included corporate communications support for internal and external audiences. To ensure the salesforce understood and received coaching on how to deliver the new brand narrative with customers, Karl James & Company conducted a day-long rollout of the brand with the sales team.

“The single name of GS Global Resources makes interacting with us even easier for customers, vendors and employees,” GS Global Resources CEO John Thornton says.